What is the difference between rubber and polyurethane vehicle mats?

“Polyurethane” is the common name for vehicle mats made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Floor mats made of TPE sheets have the same thickness all over, with the same pattern on the front and the back of the mat. Unlike polyurethane mats, rubber mats have both sides molded. This allows placing anti-slip spikes and technical inscriptions on the back of the mat.

  • Polyurethane floor mats are hand-cut using a knife, so edges are often uneven. Rubber floor mats are molded as a whole, for a tidier look.
  • Rubber floor mats are reinforced in “heavy-duty” areas, with extra padding on the driver’s side, which translates to a minor increase in the overall weight of the product. Edges are reinforced as well. None of this is possible with polyurethane floor mats.
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  • With a smooth bottom surface, TPE mats are slippery and easily shift under the driver’s feet. On the contrary, rubber mats are slip-proof, thanks to spikes on the back of the mat.
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  • Thanks to its memory effect and high elasticity, rubber returns to its normal shape after deformation. TPE mats frequently remain permanently distorted after careless storage or incorrect placement on the vehicle floor.
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  • TPE can release unpleasant and even pungent odors, depending on the composition and manufacturer. Unlike TPE, rubber is nearly odorless.
  • The main component in TPE floor mats is polypropylene, a polymer that quickly changes its properties in the cold. Rubber mats remain elastic and do not turn slippery in sub-zero temperatures.
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