Rubber Grid Floor Mats

Rubber grid floor mats

Rubber grid floor mats offer reliable protection of your car interior against any external factors. The grid pattern traps water and dirt. The product is easy to clean – just drain the water regularly and wipe with wet cloth. The floor mats are available in black color with matte finish.

Rubber grid floor mats are durable, and resist tear and wear under normal use, thanks to high-quality domestic materials. They are made of 40% synthetic rubber and 60% special additives to improve durability, elasticity and wear-resistance. Thanks to using imported components, the mats do not release unpleasant odors. The warranty on all our rubber products is three years.

Rubber grid floor mats

They are easy to install and remove. Grid floor mats follow the car floor to the inch. Modern design technologies take into account the car floor geometry, level differences, seat and pedal location for every make and model.

Edges are taller than in European-made floor mats – 15 mm. Wider base prevents edge deformation. Thanks to retention devices and non-slip spikes at the back, grid floor mats stay put under any use.

Advantages of the rubber grid floor mats:

  • Strong and durable;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Raised edges;
  • Convenient retention devices.

  • GAZ
  • ZAZ
  • UAZ
  • Trailers