Cargo Mats


Polymer cargo mats offer reliable protection against dirt, garbage and damage. Easy to remove and wash, they are a perfect time-saver. They maintain their look and shape even after prolonged use, thanks to a modern polymer material (TPE). Soft to touch and elastic, TPE looks like rubber.

You can purchase Seintex cargo mats directly from the manufacturer at our online store. Our products are sized specifically for each individual trunk. Thanks to their design, the pads stay in place under any conditions.

Advantages of polymer cargo mats


TPE mats have numerous advantages, thanks to high quality of their materials. Polymer cargo mats are non-slippery and cold resistant.

With an attractive design, polymer cargo mats look equally well in any foreign or domestic car. Modern technical facilities allow considering all peculiarities of any car model when designing the cargo mats. Thanks to this approach, Seintex cargo mats fit snugly in any car.

The main advantages of polymer cargo mats are:

  • Durability;
  • Resistance to cold;
  • Non-slip surface;
  • Stays put;
  • Pleasant look.

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