3D Floor Mats


Seintex also produces 3D floor mats using the latest technology. Durability is achieved with triple-layer design: tufted top, foam foundation and non-slip coating. All materials pass stringent quality tests, turning 3D floor mats into reliable protection for your car interior.

3D floor mats are made using templates tailor-made for every car make and model. This is why Seintex 3D floor mats strictly follow vehicle floor outlines to the inch, unlike their Chinese counterparts. In-house 3D modelling guarantees compliance with the car interior shape.

3D Floor Mats


We produce our 3D floor mats with utmost concern for product strength. The driver’s side has a special reinforced heel pad, which prevents wear under the driver’s feet. The floor mats require no special care – just wash them when you clean your car or visit a carwash.

Advantages of 3D floor mats:

  • Pleasant look;
  • Durability;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Strictly follow the floor outlines;
  • High quality materials.

  • GAZ
  • ZAZ
  • UAZ
  • Trailers