Vehicle Seat Covers


Vehicle seat covers are a must-have in any modern car, protecting the seats from damage, moisture and garbage. They also hide defects and transform your car interior. Seat covers are a great addition to any car – new or old, imported or domestic.

In our online store you can buy seat covers direct from the manufacturer. All Seintex products strictly follow the car parameters. Thanks to a unique design, they are easy to put on and remove. Besides, our seat covers require little maintenance – just an occasional wipe.

Eco-leather seat covers

This line of seat covers is made of Arigon eco-leather – a material that looks like genuine leather, passes air and does not absorb moisture. Eco-leather seat covers are pleasant at any weather. The material does not crack and remains soft when the temperatures go down to –35°C.

Eco-leather seat covers are safe for allergy sufferers. They do not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals, while the qualities of eco-leather are just like natural leather, at a fraction of the cost.

Advantages of eco-leather seat covers:

  • Protect car seats against wear;
  • Resist extreme temperatures;
  • As good as genuine leather;
  • A fraction of the cost of genuine leather;
  • Safe for children and people with allergies;
  • Pleasant look;
  • Easy to use.

Eco-leather seat covers are a cost-efficient way to protect and reinvigorate your car interior.

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  • ZAZ
  • UAZ
  • Trailers

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