LUX Tufted Floor Mats


LUX Tufted Floor Mats will protect your car interior in summer. LUX tufted floor mats are made for business class cars. Black blends perfectly with any foreign-made car interior. Only high-quality domestic materials are used.

LUX mats are different from the competition in terms of design. Upper tufted layer offers premium look while rubber foundation makes the floor mats moisture-proof. Padded area under the driver’s feet preserves great look and resists wear after years of use.


Spikes on the back of LUX floor mats prevent them from slipping. Some models are equipped with retention devices. LUX mats come with tear-resistant ribbon around the edges. The product is easy to care about: just remove dust and dirt regularly.

Advantages of LUX tufted floor mats:

  • Premium look;
  • Non-slip spikes;
  • Reinforced feet zone.