Washing your car interior on your own


With summer just two weeks away, many people are about to officially open their country-house season. In between a barbecue picnic and gardening, another pleasant way to spend your time is washing your car – it is good for your car and helps you feel better after a busy week.

Seintex always cares of your car interior and cargo area. In this article we will give you a few tips on how you can wash your car interior

You will need the following:

  • Water;
  • A bucket;
  • Car seats cleaner;
  • Foam for floor mats;
  • Vacuum cleaner with long power cord, a brush and beak accessory.

Once you’ve got everything necessary – let’s begin!

Cleaning car seats and upholstery

To begin with, clean your car interior – remove all the garbage, take out floor mats and move the seats. With that out of the way, let’s begin the cleanup. Start vacuuming the interior from the top down – first the ceiling, then seats and floor. Finally clean the seats with special detergents you can purchase at any specialized shop.

If you frequently travel with your pets, the cabin is bound to be full of animal fur. To remove it, wrap some sticky tape around your hand, or use a special rubber glove.


Leather seats can be wiped with a wet cloth or a sponge, then treated with leather conditioner for protection. Avoid water getting on the car floor – this will cause odors and corrosion.

Washing your floor mats

It’s really simple.

You can use special detergents to clean your floor mats, but if those are not available, a simple recipe will help. Take one quarter of a glass of vinegar, one teaspoonful of non-bleach general-purpose detergent and mix it with hot water. That makes a great solution for cleaning your floor mats.

Spray the cleaning solution all over the floor mats, without getting them soaked. Wipe excess liquid with a cloth and leave the mats for 15-20 minutes. After that, just wash the mats with a wet sponge. Now they can be dried and placed back in the car.

Cleaning your dashboard

To clean the dashboard, use a lightly moist piece of cloth. Wipe all plastic parts. Use a cleaning solution to remove fat stains and dry those parts thoroughly. Finish off by spraying polish over all plastic parts. In some places, like the gearshift lever or the stereo, you can use a brush to apply the polish.

Чистка панелей автомобиля

Do not forget to pay attention to the windows. You can rub them with ammonia or water vinegar solution, for extra shine.

Preventing odors inside the car

Most often odors get inside the car from the cargo department. This is where you generally put food from the supermarket or dirty clothes on the way back from the country-house. The carpeting absorbs odors, then shares them with the cabin.


First remove the protective cover and thoroughly clean the cargo area. Then use a cloth and detergent to wipe the carpeting carefully. Make sure no liquid remains on the trunk surface. You can also place a car deodorant in the trunk (do not forget to change it every 6 to 8 weeks). And make sure you use a protective cargo mat!

Now you know how to clean your car interior on your own. We recommend you make a light cleanup at least once a week. Just wipe the dashboard and vacuum the seats – that is enough to make your car more pleasant and comfortable.